into the new year

new-hedgeGoodness, its already a week into the New Year and we seem to be running to keep pace with the chores. The drier days of December were spent cutting back and digging up but I can report that as the New Year began, we finally started on construction and replanting.

Over the last couple of days we stripped turf and dug over the area where the new hedge in the meadow is going. This morning, before the promised rain arrived, we planted 25 beech plants, and fingers crossed, little leaves in the spring will be our reward.

imageI took some time over Christmas to look back over the year in the garden, reminding myself of some of the highlights and mulling over what needs to happen next.

I had forgotten some of those golden days in May when the azaleas bloomed and the glorious towers of June delphiniums, especially now that everything is tattered and needs tidying.  I delayed the cutting back to preserve the seed heads for the wildlife, although watching a mouse run up the stems of Verbena bonariensis and chew off and carry the seed heads away was not a sight I had anticipated! And don’t talk to me about wallflowers. My lovely seed raised Ivory wallflowers. Chewed to stumps by rabbits/pheasants/pigeons. I underplanted them with Queen of the Night tulips. It would have been lovely. I think squirrels may have dug up a goodly number of the tulips.

So new plans will have to accommodate the pests and the electric propagator-my Christmas present from  the wonderful undergardener – will need to produce twice as many plants as I need so I can feed the critters too. To the drawing board…..