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The nature of such things

A blog mostly about flowers and fruit and bees and birds and boots and bells, and weeds and walks and wildflowers, vegetables and ……you get the picture. Welcome.



Back in the early Spring, when it was too cold to spend much time out of doors, I dreamed of having a border planted with flowers to cut for the house, and in an optimistic spirit ordered seeds from Sarah Raven and bought packets at the supermarket and found forgotten seeds in the stash. When … Continue reading

been a good year for the roses

Last Christmas my mother in law gave me three David Austin roses as a present-Woollerton Old Hall, The Crocus Rose and Munstead Wood. Part of the fun of buying David Austin roses is choosing from the perfume descriptions, as well as knowing the reasons behind the name.  I love Austin’s English roses for their form … Continue reading


Almost every day has brought a small miracle to the garden here in the lovely Welsh Marches. On occasion it as been a new and exciting plant beginning to flower, or the discovery of a bird’s nest, the harvest of first peas and potatoes or a perfect blossom. I have started so many posts and … Continue reading

may flowers

The warm weekend over the holiday when we were in Hampshire finally unlocked the spring growth and although it is cool and  raining now, the growing season is definitely underway. We have been working in the garden and greenhouse preparing  growing spaces as well as growing the plants that will be put in them. And … Continue reading

the silver lining

We’ve been away from the Garden of Eden for a short time, visiting friends in The South. It was our first four night break since last May and was a welcome recharge, especially as visits to The Hillier Arboretum and Exbury Gardens were on the agenda, as well as three garden open under the National … Continue reading

flowery friday

It’s Friday. It has been beautiful. This is what the sunshine has brought on this week. Happy days.

a new favourite garden

Sometimes visiting someone else’s garden is such a delight it stays with you for hours, days,  after the event. Yesterday we visited the enchanting Arts and Crafts Garden, begun in 1912, called Bryans Ground, right on the English/Welsh border, in North Herefordshire. The current owners have been there since 1993 and have produced a quirky,  … Continue reading