Plastic bags Good news

I do like the think that the actions of the few can be effective, but so much better when the action is taken by many. I was so encouraged by these 2 news stories, one from China and one from Australia, both of whose governments are taking action to stop the indiscriminate giving away of plastic bags. With thanks to Laura for the China story link.

West Woods gems 2

In a very few short weeks West Woods will be carpeted with an exquisite blend of cobalt, violet, lavender and sky blue, all set off by a beautiful balancing green. The air will be perfumed with the sweet scent of hyacinths-much fresher and less heavy than the large cultivars. Here in January, the promise of spring shows in these freshly emerging shoots, green amongst last autumn’s beech leaves.

The wood is carefully managed for forestry and a couple of items caught my eye for their blend of the man made and the natural. The conifers are now mature and are being felled. A stack of them was lying beside one of the tracks and my eye was caught by the star shaped pattern in this trunk, caused by the emerging branches. It looks as if someone has carefully drawn it.

A little further on there were more stacked logs, this time of mature beech.
I loved the contrasts in this shot between the curve of the tree and the angularity of the cut, the colour of the bark and the heartwood and the texture of the bark against the cut surface.